This painting is the winner of the international portrait contest in the famous magazine "art of watercolour". In the issue of June 2016 they will publish a feature about me and my artworks. 

I feel honoured for getting this award and wish to express my gratitude to the jury of the magazine "art of watercolour".



Here is the former portrait painting I made of the greek man. This painting was elected as one of the TOP 20 in the global online contest of the International Watercolour Society in January 2015. This was a huge milestone on my way. Here you can see the  video which shows the TOP20 paintings.  


The famous magazine "Art of Watercolour" arranged the first World Watercolour Competition in 2013/2014. My entries "amazing grace" and "Hats off to the dairymaid" were selected to the semi-final and were printed in the catalogue of the contest. This was the beginning of the international recognition of my artwork. I took it as a sign that I should go on my artistic path.