bio:pastor becomes artist

I was born in Germany 1957. After my studies in protestant theology in Germany (Tübingen and Berlin) and Netherlands (Amsterdam) I was working as a protestant pastor and chaplain in parishes and hospitals.

I started to learn watercolour painting and to discover the world of art in 2005 under the guidance of Tamara Gross. First it was only  a hobby. It turned more and more to a divine call. I am called to share faith by creating artwork.

In 2012, I laid down my work as pastor. Now I follow my calling as a freelance artist.

I am constantly learning and taking part in masterclasses and workshops in Germany and abroad (Ilya Ibryaev - Piotr Sonnewend - Iris Flexer - George Politis) to develop my skills.

I am member of the German Watercolour Society and of the International Watercolour Society.




solo exhibitions

2009 Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum Quellenhof in Bad Wildbad

20011 Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum Quellenhof in Bad Wildbad

2012 Evangelische Klosterkirche Bad Herrenalb  

2012 Evangelische Stadtkirche Bad Wildbad und Neurologisches Rehazentrum Quellenhof     

2013 Inselkirche Langeoog

2013 Urlauberkapelle Cuxhaven-Duhnen

2014 Rathaus Neubulach

2014 Altkatholische Kirche Frankfurt

2014 Evangelische Kirche Schömberg

2014 Evangelische Kirche Warnemünde

2014 Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum Bad Wildbad  

2015 Wohnen am Lappach in Enzklösterle

2015 Spitalkirche Baden-Baden  

2015 Redaktion der Brettener Woche  

2016 Rehabilitionszentrum Hohenfreudenstadt


shared exhibitions

2015 Izmir/Turkey; Kazmiercy Dolny/Poland; Llanca/Spain; Tirana/Albana; New Delhi/India

2015 Staudenhof Koch Iserlohn/Germany, with photografer Günter Müller


upcoming exhibitions

Evangelische Kirche Hemmingen (8.5. - 26.5.2016)

Abtei St. Hildegardis in Rüdesheim (4.6. - 3.8.2016). Shared exhibition with photografer Günter Müller.

Künstlerhäuschen auf der Mettnau, Bodensee (7.6. - 19.6.2016)